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The process starts very often with a sketch or a raff drawing, which provides the basic information for generating an estimate. StonePro offers even designers with no CAD background the ability to create quote drawings very quickly. The system then retrieves the pricing from the drawing automatically and generates an estimate based on the given geometries, edge profiles and appliances, like cutouts, recess-drainers, grooves etc.

For production Stonepro/CAD can be used like any professional CAD system to generate professional drawings with all necessary dimensions and details to fabricate the job. You can also combine StonePro/CAD with digital templating devices. Various export capabilities allow the transfer into many machine-programs.



StonePro/Office was developed especially for stone companies. This starts already when the customer fills the software with pricing. Unlike standard estimating packages, StonePro handles the huge number of variations in material, surface-finishing and thickness nearly automatically.

The office module includes the following functionality:

  • Customer management
  • Quoting and price calculation
  • Order entry
  • Scheduling for templating, manufacturing and installation
  • Quality control and despatch (shipping)
  • Invoicing with interface to standard accounting packages
  • Purchase orders
  • Inventory management



Important factors for success in stone manufacturing are:
• Realistic production schedule
• Optimization of human and machine resource usage
• Continues in-time status feedback from shop floor
• Ability to react immediately when problems occur

StonePro/Production is developed to fulfil exactly these requirements. The production manager gets sophisticated tools to plan production and detect capacity constraints early. During the production process a barcode-based tracking system reports the current status of each workpiece and also on job-level. Machines can be integrated seamless in the system. Even automatic warehouse management systems can be included with StonePro.

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