StonePro/CAD & Design Studio

First of all StonePro/CAD & Design studio is a professional CAD-package. It includes all functions a trained CAD-User would expect. Terminology and handling are very similar to standard CAD-system which means that everybody who has little experience with CAD is able to generate professional drawings immediately.

In addition to that StonePro/CAD & Design studio has a built-in Design Mode. When started in this mode, the CAD engine runs in the background and the user is able to create drawings based on macros and parameters, extremely easy and no CAD-knowledge is required. This makes StonePro/CAD & Design studio the perfect tool for sales people, customer service people and also for end-users.

Last but not least StonePro/CAD & Design studio provides a large number of features, especially designed for stone-fabricators. This starts with tools to clean up digital templating files, continues with comfortable edge profile & cutout handling and ends with the integrated price calculation.


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